Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Cosmic Orgasm


Cosmic Orgasm is a hands-free whole body hypnotic orgasm experience designed to take you to levels of pleasure you have never experienced before.  

This file is remarkably effective at causing powerful orgasms (14/15 testers), sometimes so strong as to produce out of body experiences (10/15), but only a third of testers ejaculated (5/15) so think of it as an orgasm file rather than "jizz hands free"

Subjects described it as follows:

Tester 1: Well done.  Awesome imagery and training for multiple orgasms, too.  I nutted twice.  

First time, it was VERY much purely from the prostate ejection and not at all from penile stimulation (like it’s usually vibration or material when handsfree otherwise).

Second one I had to wank, and it was during the third crescendo I felt the suggestions bring it through me.

Great chakra imagery, positive imagery, etc.

User 2: I have the best like post orgasm sensations right now. But like still boned up. There was a definite out of body sensation towards the end.

There first wave of sensation was awesome and the final was awesome there is kinda a weird middle bit where I almost get spent. It felt like that needy orgasm when it been a few days or a week. And you want to get off so badly and when you do you know you are gonna shake the bed and bash the headboard. Also as a note did not physically cum. Just figured I should make that clear. 

User 3: Fuk bro I need more shit like that. So relaxing and felt fucking good. I tranced harder than I do with ur other stuff, Bro I wuz gone for most of it. I reely connected with my shockras, totally lost my body for a while. 

Try Cosmic Orgasm for free on SoundCloud!

About the Binaural:

This one is the most complex binaural beats I've ever designed for a file, the top carrier manages depth of trance. The second one buzzes your cock and balls, the third one produces pressure in the balls and buzzing prostate. Bottom is mixdown of 7 #Chakra tones for kundalani.

Cosmic Orgasm "HFO 2020" Script:

Did you know that your mind
Has an infinite capacity for pleasure?
No? Would you like me to show you? 
Good. It's easy. All you have to do is
Lay back, relax, and listen to my voice. 
As I guide you into a state of mind
Where you can experience sensations
That are new and Erotic for you. 
You'd like that now, wouldn't you, boy? 

Now I want you to direct your attention
To the sensation of your breathing. 
Noticing the feeling of your chest 
Slowly rising and falling as you breathe, 
Letting it fall into a slow and steady rythim
As you slowly become more relaxed. 
Gathering up the tension on the inhale, 
And feeling it flow inward to the core
Then blowing it out into the universe
And feeling it leave your body 
Rendering you more and more relaxed
With each and every breath you take. 
Making you comfortable and relaxed
As you listen to my sexy voice
Growing more and more suggestible
With each and every word you hear
As your mind begins to drift away. 

It feels so good to be hypnotized. 
Comfortable and relaxed and safe. 
Totally trusting the sexy voice to 
Guide you deeper and deeper into trance
And the deeper you let your mind drift
The better it feels for you to let go 
More and more with each & every breath.
As you feel the tension melt away 
From all of your muscles as you exhale. 
Replaced by the warm, soft pleasure
Of a nice, deep, comfortable trance. 

And as your mind begins to let go
Of the sensation of your body you 
All your aches and pains become
Less and less bothersome to you. 
And as you feel the discomfort 
Ebbing away from your body, 
You notice that your fingers and toes
Are beginning to tingle and go numb. 

And as soon as you notice the tingling
You know that you are in Trance and
That your mind is highly suggestible
To each and every word that you hear. 
So you can let go of any anxiety about
Whether or not you are in Trance. 
Because right now you are SO deep
That you can feel whatever I tell you to. 
And as you inhale, you can feel the tingling
Spreading across your hands and feet, 
Comfortably numb, heavy and paralyzed.
Spreading up through your arms and legs
As you slowly exhale your breath.
Fading from your bodily awareness 
As the breath leaves your body. 
Leaving only the sensation of your
Torso and your genitals active for now. 

Perhaps you can feel my finger, 
Lazily drawing circles around your belly, 
Far from any eroginous zone. 
Tracing the contours of your abdomen, 
Following the line of your ribcage. 
Does it turn you on to be helpless
To the sensation of my virtual finger
Tracing the curvature of your chest? 

Does it make you long to feel it, 
Touching you elsewhere, 
Somewhere more sensitive. 
Your nipples are practically begging 
For a grazing by my touch, 
Sensitive and aroused
Longing for my ministrations. 
Your subconscious mind knows
Exactly the feeling your nips long for
And the detail and fidelity are perfect
In their faithfulness to fulfilling your desire
As you feel the pleasure from your chest
Radiating through your mind. 
The better it feels, the deeper you trance
& The deeper you trance, the better it feels

It feels orgasmically good to you
Now, doesn't it? Yeah. 
That's what you get for being good. 
And the excitement begins to grow,
As you feel my virtual fingers beginning
To roam southward again…
Across your sensitive torso, 
Ten little points of pleasure
Teasing the sides of your belly, 
Probing for ticklish places. 
Making you more and more aroused
As the fingers approach your genitals. 

If they felt that good on your nipples, 
Just think how amazing that is going to be
When it gets to your cock and balls! 
You can already feel the blood 
Rushing to your cock in anticipation 
As your penis begins to swell. 
You can sense my hand approaching
Your balls now, gently wrapping around
Your scrotum, warm and friendly. 
Cupping your testicles, feeling their weight
And you feel my hand growing warmer, 
You become more and more aware of
How very full of sperm your balls are, 
And how much you need to ejaculate. 

Just the thought of cumming makes 
Your cock throb with sexual arousal. 
You can feel the muscles that draw up 
Your balls when you get close beginning
To tighten up already just from my hand.

And the more sexually aroused you get, 
The deeper your mind slips into trance, 
The more suggestible your mind becomes
And the more suggestible you are 
The more pleasurable the sensation gets, 
Until the mere thought of a gentle squeeze
Makes you feel like you might lose your load. 

You're already on the edge of Orgasm
And I have not even gotten to your dick yet
Hmmmn… the lightest imaginable touch 
Right there on the tip of your penis, 
And you are already beginning to leak. 
Even after the sensation is withdrawn.
The memory of a breath across the head, 
Is enough to make you shiver and quake.
Perhaps you are too close to endure 
Another caress at all and I should just 
Let you throb untouched for a moment. 

You want to cum. You need to cum. 
Your balls are so incredibly full right now
That they're ready to just spill their seed. 
And as you feel my hand wrap around
The shaft of your cock you know it. 
It's already too late to prevent ejaculation.
You're going over the edge like a waterfall
And there's absolutely nothing that
You can possibly do to stop it.

As a tidal wave of sexual pleasure 
Begins at the base of your cock 
Spreading up and down the shaft 
Flowing up through your dick 
Into your body, 
spreading to your prostate 
Making it pulse orgasmically
As the pleasure in your Penis 
Grows more and more intense
Beyond the intensity of any 
Orgasm you have ever had before, 
The pleasure growing out of control. 

And as you surrender to the pleasure, 
And let your consciousness slip 
Beneath the waves of Orgasm flowing
Through your entire body right now, 
Overwhelming your mind with pleasure
As you just keep on cumming
Over and over again until 
ALL of your sperm leaks out your dick. 
Squirting a little bit more with each wave
Of pleasure overwhelming your mind, 
Emptying your balls out your cock, 
As the Orgasm obliterates your mind. 

And every time that you feel the pleasure
Begin to ebb and get less intense, 
You anticipate the end for a moment, 
Before another tsunami of pleasure
Crashes over you you again, 
Even stronger than the last one. 

Can you feel it rising again now?
The way your whole body feels like
One enormous oversensitive cock
Right on the edge of cumming. 
Your whole body wrapped up in
The warm and tight pleasure. 

This is what it feels like to BE a penis, 
As you feel the whole body orgasm
Rising up your legs from your feet 
As you inhale slowly…. 
Activating your root chakra
Making you feel intensely horny
As you slowly release that breath, 
Rising up through your belly and chest
Activating your energy centers there, 
Making your spine tingle as the 
Kundelani rises up your back 
One chakra activating after the next. 
Rising like cum in your cock
Ready to shoot out the top of your head,
As your whole body throbs 
with each and every Heartbeat
Just like a cock about to cum. 

Your whole body as sensitive as a dick
That's so turned on as to ejaculate at 
The slightest intimation of a touch. 
And as you imagine it, it begins to happen
And the Orgasm overwhelms you again
As your crown chakra activates and 
The energy flow is unblocked completely
Making you cum from the tip of your toes
All the way out of the top of your head. 
Becoming one with the universal Orgasm
Far beyond human comprehension. 

Every being in the universe 
that is having an Orgasm
is one with you in this sacred place. 
Beyond the limits of body and mind. 
And you can linger in the afterglow
Of that feeling for as long as you like. 
As your mind slowly returns to your body

Becoming aware of the bodily orgasm, 
Still in progress, if becoming less intense, 
Aware of the feeling of pleasure
Slowly beginning to ebb away 
To more manageable levels now. 
Feeling satisfied and good 
As you become embodied again. 
Basking in the chemical afterglow
Of the most powerful positive feeling
That you have ever experienced. 

You want to retain every detail
Of this unforgettable experience. 
Few things in your life have ever
Made you feel as good as this did
And as your awareness of your 
Body increases, you slowly regain
The ability to move your hands and feet
Gently returning to consciousness, 
So as to retain the afterglow feeling, 
Of glowing post Orgasm as you come to. 

And as the recording ends
You find yourself fully conscious
Returned to full daytime awareness
Awake and alert, 
Feeling like you just had the most
Amazing Orgasm of your life. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Hard On for Man Stink

Hard On for Man Stink

This file will condition you to feel sexual arousal and get an uncontrollable erection in response to the smell of sweaty unwashed men.  After listening the smell of a man's armpit, sweaty balls, or ass stink will make you incredibly horny.

Recommendation Engine - This file makes me feel like: 

  1. Getting really sweaty every day
  2. Sniffing a dirty jockstrap to get high
  3. Walking around with my pits exposed
  4. Exploring hypnosis further

Hard On for Man Stink Script

Now just relax and

Float in trance for a moment.
It feels so good to be hypnotized. 
So relaxed! So safe! So very comfortable!
Open and suggestible to all of my ideas. 

Stare into my spiral to begin your brainwashing into the love of man scent.

Like the notion that you love the smell of men.
And the scent of male pheromones never fails
To make you highly sexually aroused. 
The smell of unwashed men is the sexiest
Possible smell in your personal opinion and
Man stink makes your dick rock hard, 
each and every time you smell it. 

Your sense of smell is your most primal sense
Because your nose connects directly to
The deepest & most primitive parts of the brain.
Connecting scents to memories in a manner
More powerful and direct than any other sense.
So that it can instantly trigger your subconscious
With powerful and primal reactions to scent, 
So powerful as to be beyond the control of the
Conscious mind Completely and totally. 

Maybe that's why the smell of unwashed men 
Is such a powerful sexual Arousal trigger for you
After all the times you have associated it with
The stimulation of seeing sexy, masculine men, 
Dripping with sweat from exercise outdoors,
Stripping off their clothing in the locker room… 
The musty smell inside his pants when you
Finally see a man's cock and balls…
The overwhelming funk of fuck sweat, ass,
And stale cum in the room at the orgy…

When ALL the best homosexual experiences 
Are accompanied by the smell of men
It's only natural for a gay man to get aroused, 
By high testosterone males who reak of manhood. 
You just can't help yourself. 
Smelling male pheromones has been paired 
With so many moments of high sexual arousal
Over the course of your lifetime that you
Are conditioned to respond with an erection, 
Instantly and immediately every single time. 

Your sense of smell bypasses the conscious 
mind entirely and hits you at a deeper level:
Primal Arousal, straight from the deepest 
And most primitive parts of the brain, 
Far too powerful for the conscious mind 
To have any chance at resistance at all. 
Making you instantly horny for men and 
Filling your mind with sexual desire as 
Your cock begins to swell and throb. 
Man stink makes you horny for gay sex, 
And there's absolutely nothing that 
you can possibly do to prevent it. It's irresistible.
That's just how you are wired, sexually, now. 

And your subconscious mind must love it, 
Because you find yourself drawn to this file, 
Listening to it every day because it makes you 
Feel so wonderfully horny and aroused 
At the prospect of sex with smelly men 
after Each Hypnosis session with this file. 
The reward for listening is powerfully addictive.
Driving you to listen again tomorrow so that
You can feel even more horniness next time.
Brainwashing yourself deeper and Deeper 
Into sexual arousal in response to the smell 
of sweaty men's most intimate parts.

There is absolutely nothing offensive to you
About male body odor anymore.
The smell of manhood is natural and right. 
You wish men would stop wearing deodorant.
The smell of deodorant is a total turn off to you.
Right Guard makes your dick go limp. 
Real Men smell like dirt and sweat.
Nothing can change your mind about that.
The only way to improve it is with more. 

By bringing your nose closer to his most 
Intimate places, where the pheromones are: 
Under his arms, between his legs, in his bush, 
And most of all behind his sweaty balls… 
The heady rush of horniness grows and grows
The more intimate with the scent you Become, 
Overwhelmed by the sexual arousal that 
Increases more and more the longer you linger 
Near the sources of his personal scent.
Your conscious mind tries to make sensible 
Sexual decisions, and for a while you can
Succeed… but as the effects accumulate 
you find yourself succumbing more and more:
Getting hornier and hornier from the cumulative
Effect of continuing exposure to his pheromones
Subverting your conscious mind's judgement:
Making you want to please him sexually, 
And consent to fulfill his desires because of it. 
A man can only hold out for so long… 

Just thinking about it makes you horny, 
So when you want to be horny it's only natural
For the sexual fantasies you have to feature 
Your most sexually arousing primary sense: 
All your sexual fantasies smell like raunchy, 
Sweaty men and that's your favorite part 
Because that's what makes your dick hard, 
So that sexual fantasies can only ever be 
complete with the associated fantasy of scent:
Whether it's poppers and ass at the orgy, 
Or jock sweat in the locker room, 
The smell of unwashed men is always the 
Most arousing part of the fantasy for you.

And the more you pair the experience of 
Sexual Arousal with the smell of unwashed men,
The more powerful the association becomes
As the neural network in your brain gets 
More and more conditioned to link feelings of
Horniness and Sexual Desire to man stink 
Until the faintest whiff of male pheromones 
Makes you instantly and automatically horny; 
And the slightest trace of sexual arousal about 
A man makes you want to experience 
All the most intimate nuances of his scent, 
Until you could recognize him by smell alone
Without need for sight or touch.
Integrating into all of your other fetishes, 
Enhancing the scent of Cigars and new leather, 
Permeating the air in sexualized spaces, 
Where all your favorite sex acts take place… 
Over time More and more of your sexuality 
revolves around your sense of smell. 

And the more your sexuality becomes integrated 
With your sense of smell, the more important 
It becomes to keep up with your erotic Hypnosis,
Using this file on a daily basis to increase the
Connection between scents and sexuality until
Male pheromones are sexually irresistible and
Man stink and sex are synonymous to you. 
The more powerful the scent, the more 
Sexually aroused you become in response. 
You just can't help it. It's how you're wired now. 
Men's body odor just makes you SO horny and 
There's absolutely nothing you can do about it, 
Besides get hard, crave sex, and lust after men.
You get a hard on for man Stink, every time. 
And you always will, for the rest of your life. 
It's better that way. I'm sure you agree.

Sunday, April 19, 2020

Pandemic Prudence

Are you excessively concerned about Coronavirus?

Constant worrying is bad for your immune system and can render you more vulnerable to infection.  The hypnosis file embedded below will teach you how to build a sense of psychological safety in a time of plague, allowing you to dial down your panic to a rational sense of prudence about using proper protective practices.

Are you irrationally unconcerned with the pandemic?

Failing to take adequite precautions could put you and everyone else at risk.  Please use the hypnosis file below to brainwash yourself into washing your hands and taking other precautions.  The life you save may be your own.

Pandemic Prudence

Right now society is in a trance
We're all frozen in place
Watching the big scary number
Getting bigger and bigger
Feeling the fear Increasing
As the number grows 
Out of Control. 
It's only natural to feel Helpless
against something As enormous in scale as this is.

Wouldn’t it be nice if your mind could find a way
To reduce your level of anxiety about the crisis
To the amount that is rational for your situation
By engaging in the very behaviors that doctors 
Recommend In order to prevent contagion? 

You’d want to learn more about that, wouldn’t you?
Yeah, I thought so. Well, if that’s what you’re looking for,
Then all you have to do is just keep on listening
And you will learn the secrets of how to face the day
Calmly and rationally in a time of plague, 
While maintaining your mental health 
Against the constant assault of bad news.
Because that big scary number 
Is gonna keep on getting bigger and bigger for a while now
And you need to learn to address this rational fear
By taking rational action to protect yourself.

So let’s see if we can let go of that anxiety, shall we?
Now I want you to simply notice that you are breathing.
Breathe in, and feel the sensation of the air entering you.
And as you breathe out, feel yourself relaxing, and let
All of the tension in your body leave with that breath.
You’re still breathing, and therefore you are alive.
And as you feel that tension fading away more now, 
You notice that you can finally relax. Let go of the stress,

And take a moment to be grateful 
that nature built you to keep on living.
You are the product of the survival of every person
Who lived before you, all the way up your line
To the dawn on humanity and beyond to the beginning.
So clearly you have a strong instinct to survive, 
Even in difficult situations given to you by nature.
And if these natural instincts persist on a timescale
Of millions of years then it stands to reason that 
They are effective in helping creatures to
Achieve the end of continued survival.
And it improves your chances of survival 
To stand down from the constant arousal
That the primitive parts of your brain have had you in.

So I’m gonna show you something you can do,
When your instincts DEMAND that you do something
In response to the present crisis.
It is right and proper that your instincts 
should protect you from existential threats.
Survival instincts are good, and when possible 
We should allow ourselves to be guided by them.
Because frustrated survival instincts are the
Underlying cause of much of your distress.
But those instincts lack the capacity for reason and
Because your subconscious mind relies on
Your conscious judgement to determine what action
Should be taken to address a threat, 
Using the most reliable information that is available
To develop a behavioral trigger
You can build yourself a little placebo button
To press when your mind needs an outlet, 
Which is unlikely to do harm, and may actually help
To reduce your risk of infection by this disease.

Now I want you to picture yourself Washing your hands. 
Looking down, watching the water 
Hearing the sound of the water, feeling the soap,
Slippery on your fingers, dissolving into the water,
Washing away all of the contamination, 
And washing away your concern with it. 
It’s only natural to want to extend this moment,
Lingering in the action of washing, so calming,
Almost hypnotic in its repetitiveness:
Cleaning off every trace of worry about the situation,
Leaving only the rational concerns, 
directly relevant to this moment.

This is a symbol of the state 
of prudence that we seek:
A rational concern without worry, 
Driven by taking rational actions 
In order to address rational concerns. 
And every time you take action, 
To rationally address your concerns about the situation
you feel less and less out of control about it,
Even if your actual level of control has increased very little.
Doubt is removed by action. 
And even the illusion of control
Can help you feel better about things 
you are simply beyond your power to resolve.

The CDC has declared that we are all allowed
To wash our hands as much as we need to 
In order to feel better about this present crisis, 
As excessive sanitation is generally harmless
And infinitely preferable to the alternative.

Because disinfecting the screen of your smartphone
May not do anything for the people dying of plague
In foreign countries that you just read about, 
But it might just reduce your own chance of infection, 
While giving you an earned sense of security to rely on
To strike a deal with your subconscious
To satisfy your basic instincts about the situation,

By realizing that our modern strategy of quarintine 
Is just a variation on the ancient instinct
To “Hide from the big scary thing.” 
A strategy so simple that an insect can do it,
And so basic to survival that evolution
Has retained the instinct all the way down to you.
So your own subconscious mind can easily comprehend
All the actions you take to protect yourself.
Because once your subconscious mind 
Understands that a basic evolutionary strategy is in play
You can stop being frozen in terror and begin
To use your conscious mind to develop 
a calculated response to the situation.
Allowing you to escape the paralysis of fear,
And achieve a place of prudence about it instead

Because safety is an integral part of the psychology
Of hiding from a predator, and any action that you take
To protect your home against the virus 
Increases your sense of safety in your home. 
Letting you be alert to danger
Without overt anxiety about it.
Because even if the big scary number 
Is growing exponentially at the moment
The threat it represents remains the same, 
And the measures required to hide from the threat
Also remain the same because hiding from 
A swarm of predators is exactly like hiding from one.

Your instincts already understand this,
And once you transition to a pschology that makes sense
For basic human instincts, you find that your actions
Are suddenly more satisfying to you.
And that every step you take to erase your own
Contamination in the world is suddenly satisfying:
Wiping away your traces from the grocery cart,
Hiding your face behind a surgical mask, 
Keeping your distance from strangers in public,
Even something as simple as cleaning your traces
From light switches, countertops, and doorknobs
All suddenly satisfy that primal need to hide; 
Making it feel satisfying and right to adhere
To the sensible guidelines that protect public health
Because once you transition to a hiding psychology,
You find yourself shifting from being stuck at home
And helpless against a force too large to fight 
To being safe at home and leary of the outside world,
While at the same time letting you feel less anxious
As you hide from the virus, safe at home.
Maintaining enough awareness to remain apprised
Of the changing nature of the local situation,
While also taking the time to recharge and
Focus on maintaining your sanity through the crisis.

And as you begin to find the
ways and places in your life
Where you can integrate 
And form or improve your healthy habits,
You will find that you may not be sure 
Exactly where the placebo ends
And your genuine good health practices begin.
Even a placebo button makes you safer,
If it keeps you from crossing against the traffic light.

And That may be just the thing you need
To realize that you are doing all you can
To stay in good health (as best you can?)
In body and in mind 
By giving yourself the time, like right now, 
to working on your outlook and approach 
To the conditions of the world ,
By starting at home and in your own spaces
Providing yourself a sense of security 
Within your own mind, First and foremost

With that image of washing your hands
That you can think about and return to,
any time that you need to, in order
To cleanse away those concerns that
you’ve become aware of and taken care of
To reassure you are doing what you can
So that you can continue functioning 
Despite changing and challenging circumstances
Because it shouldn’t take a pandemic
To realize that prudence is the solution
To a great many problems other than disease, 
And that many times simply feeling safe
Because you’re doing what you can about the problem
Is infinitely preferable to paralyzed helplessness, 
And perhaps it’s better to learn it now,
When the problem is of incomprehensible scale,
So that these lessons can prove usefull Against
 Less overtly existential challenges in the future.

Because there will be a future, someday.
And it’s good to keep sight of that fact.
While we sit and wait and console ourselves
That it’s impossible for the number to grow forever,
And that it rationally must start to come down again
As humanity begins to get the virus under control.
When we all can begin to awaken to the world we know
Until then, just aim to stay positive as best you can,
Knowing That you are going to do what you can.
finding the ways you can usefully contribute, 
So that you can take comfort in your personal responsibility,

Until then, Stay calm, and wash your hands…